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The all new TIDD PC28 is here! Lift and shift loads up to 28t safely and efficiently.

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The Ultimate Pick and Carry Crane for Capacity, Safety and Comfort!

TIDD PC28 is latest is articulating pick and carry crane technology, focused on features that improve the crane's operationally capability and continuing to prioritise safety in its design.

The TIDD PC28 is the right crane for a wide range of operating environments with many class-leading features.


Key Features

  • Full Power Boom

With the new 18.64m full power boom, a 75% stationary chart for the heavy lifts and 66% pick and carry chart, the Tidd PC28 packs a massive punch.

  • Huge Lift Capability

With a 28 tonne maximum lift on the lug and 27.6 on the hook block. The TIDD PC28 delivers outstanding lifting capacities
for improved efficiency and greater lift options, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

  • Superior Road-ability

Driven by a Mercedes Benz 6 cylinder turbocharged engine, and superior suspension, the TIDD PC28 is 12 tonne per axle on the road including its 2.3 tonne removable counterweight mounted on the front. No IAP or permits required!

  • Focused on Safety

Safety features include Dynamic LMI with a deadlock switch inside the cabin. The LMI bridging switch is outside the cabin. Slew Safe™ is an optional safety addition, recommended for the TIDD PC28. All, tackling head-on the primary cause of accidents in pick and carry cranes.

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Also available from TRT is the TIDD PC25 which shares many of the quality features as the TIDD PC28. 

The TIDD PC25 incorporates the highest quality components with a special focus on safety as well. It comes standard with a Dynamic LMI, The TIDD PC25 is also available with Slew Safe, either with a new crane or retrofit to an existing crane.

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The rollover protection cabin is a significant benefit to all industries, particularly mining. The PC25 finish is like a European Truck. They're really well finished, far superior to most things made in Australia"

-Albert Smith, Group Managing Director - Universal Cranes

M17 Slew Safe

Slew Safe

Slew Safe™ is exclusive to TIDD cranes. This is an effective system designed to restrict the driver from operating off the chart. With audible and visual alarms along with steering restrictions, Slew Safe™ cannot be over-ridden but will operate again when the load is back in the green. Accepted on many Tier 1 sites, as standard. (Patent pending 741038).

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“The crane boasts an impressive load chart in a small package allowing us to go where other cranes cannot. The safety features and road-friendly suspension make this crane a favourite with our operators and our customers”

Mark Kuhn, Managing Director - Max Cranes

For more information about the TIDD crane give us a call 07 3890 8800, or use the link below to get in touch!