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New cranes available now ex Brisbane - don't wait 6-12 months for shipping!


TRT Australia carry a number of TIDD pick and carry cranes, both PC28 and PC25,  Grove all terrain cranes and Manitowoc crawler cranes in stock.  All new cranes for sales are available ex Brisbane. 

Order your TIDD PC28 today for delivery 2019 - Get in fast!

For pricing and further information on any of the crane listed below give our Manitowoc Crane experts a call Phil Chadwick or Philip White on 07 3890 8800 or send us a message.

If you are not looking for a new crane just yet, we also have a number of used cranes for sale.

New Cranes Listing

All new cranes for sale below are available ex-Brisbane unless otherwise specified.

All Prices Available on Request (POA)


TIDD - PC25 Pick and Carry Crane 25t

Available Now! 1 Only

  • Make: TIDD PC25
  • Capacity: 25t
  • Main boom: 18.5m
  • With Fly Jib: 20.4m
  • Max tip height: 19.14mm
  • Articulation: 42°

No Permit Required | Dynamic Load Chart | No IAP

Geat deal on this new crane - ask us today!

The TIDD PC25 non-slewing mobile crane incorporates the highest quality components with a special focus on safety as the first priority. It comes standard with auto side slope de-rating, tackling head-on the primary cause of accidents in pick and carry cranes.

Additionally, the TIDD PC25 is fitted with auto articulation de-rating in 3 steps (0-10, 11-20 & 21-42 degrees) to maximise the lift chart in all situations. New Slew Safe has also been developed in 2018 to warn an operator of an overload taking corrective measures to prevent incident!

GMK5150L clearcut

Mobile Crane GMK5150-L

Biggest capacity crane in QLD without a dolly!

  • Make: Grove All Terrain Crane
  • Capacity: 150 t
  • Main boom: 12.8 m – 60.0 m
  • Max jib: 33.8 m
  • Max tip height: 97.0 m

Comes with:

  • Manitowoc Maxbase
  • 525R25 Tyres
  • No Dolly: No dolly is required in Queensland on class 2 permit (second winch, hook, and rear mounted timber/chain box).

The new GMK5150-L deliver great ROI due to outstanding lifting capacities on 5 axles and greater job site accessibility and roadability. Impressive lifting, transport to site, job site maneuverability, and fuel efficiency help you achieve greater margins.

> Download GMK5150L product guide 

Mobile Crane GMK4100L-1

  • Make: Grove All Terrain Crane
  • Capacity: 100 t
  • Main boom: 11.4 m – 60.0 m
  • Max jib: 11.0 m – 25.6 m - Hydraulic luffing bifold jib.
  • Max tip height: 89.0 m
  • Tyres: 525R25

Its superior axle weight distribution of 12t per axle, easily permitted and roadable with 4.9t CW, rooster, single sheave hook, equipment box with timber/chains (approx. 300kg), secondary retarder, and 100t lift capacity provides the best load charts in its class. This crane is designed for narrow job sites, limited lift areas, and with its 60m boom, it can reach over buildings and structures to get the job done.

Crawler Crane 12000-1

The Perfect Panel Crane!

  • Make: Manitowoc Crawler Crane
  • Capacity: 110 t
  • Main Boom Length: 70.1 m
  • Fixed Jib on Main Boom:  21.3 m
  • Luffing Jib on Main Boom: N/A
  • Transport tracks: On

The 12000-1 is a 110 t crawler crane has a self-erecting counterweight and retractable crawlers. Crane operators will appreciate its simple operation, easy of setup and the reliability of this small crawler crane. It is backed by parts, service and Manitowoc Crane Care training support.

Crawler Crane 11000-1

  • Make: Manitowoc Crawler Crane
  • Capacity: 100 t
  • Main Boom Length: 61 m
  • Fixed Jib on Main Boom: 18.3 m
  • Tracks: 800mm fitted
  • Track Width: 3.5m Wide Retracted

The 11000-1  is one of Manitowoc's new small crawler cranes, this 100-tonne crawler is backed by Manitowoc's industry-leading Manitowoc Crane Care product support, which covers parts, service, and training. Contractors and operators will like the simple operation, easy setup and the reliability of this small crawler crane.

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